Monday, May 01, 2006

Irish Snug

To me, a well-poured Guinness is one of the better indulgences in life. According to the brewers of Guinness, it should take 119.6 seconds to pour the proper pint. A Guinness can't be ruined by a bad pour, but it can take away much of its appeal. Luckily, the Irish Snug knows this. This cozy little bar off of Colfax is a nice change from another Irish pub chain downtown, which I haven't been a fan of for a couple of years. It was cool when I was in my partying stage and didn't realize there was life outside of LoDo. The Snug has at least 4 awesome things going for it (besides their superb Guinness pour):

1) Waffle fries! Served plain, nacho-style, or buffalo-style, and available in half-sizes. Mmm.

2) Live music

3) Free parking at the meters in the area after 6 pm (unlike downtown's 10pm)

4) Snugs! These cute little rooms are only big enough for 2-3 people, but they're great for a little quiet couples time if you want to get away from the noise and smoke. You order food and drink through a small stained-glass window that opens on to the bar. Otherwise, you are left in total privacy. Use only as directed!

So go sneak into a snug, eat some waffle fries, drink a Guinness and enjoy!

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The Moodster said...

We were so excited to go to the Irish Snug. Overall look & appeal was nice.

They have a few of the favorite Irish dishes on the menu. All good until you order the Irish Breakfast and they ask how you want the eggs cooked. Hmmm, over easy like the traditional Irish breakfast. Also, why do you have to pay extra for the black & white pudding and where is the soda bread? White toast is not Irish.

Tried to reserve a table for dinner in the area with the live music. We were told they only take reservations for 6 or more. We arrive, see open tables in the music area. We are told they are reserved. Low & behold, a 3 top and a 4 top get seated at them. What happened to the 6 person minimum? Next, while we get into the live music - Clancy, it turns out that there will be some Irish cloggers performing as well. Their group takes a table in the middle of the limited music area even though a paying group of patrons were waiting on the sidelines for the recently vacated table. My date & I (who are celebrating an anniversary) are asked to scoot our table back & join our table with another group to make room for the dancers. Not ideal but hey, it goes with the casual atmosphere. No sooner is that done but then the table of dancers decide they want more room and ask us to move to a table in the back of the room so that they can have another table. Are you kidding me! If they want to sit together, why don't they take the back tables? Separate from that, why are they taking up valuable space from paying customers? We are the ones who are buying & tipping. Once all this was done, it was a space nightmare & a fire code violation.

We truly just got squeezed out of the establishment. Sadly, it was a very disappointing experience. Too bad too, the Guiness was good, the Jameson even better and it looks like a place where the owners had gone to a lot of trouble to create a pleasant environment…unfortunately, management of the service just wasn’t there.