Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Steuben's is the latest creation from the masterminds behind Vesta Dipping Grill (aka My Favorite Restaurant of All Time). Of course, when I heard this, I got myself over there as fast as humanly possible, led by my tongue and stomach. I was not disappointed.

The atmosphere at Steuben's is sort of Brady Bunch-meets-Isaac Hayes. Wood-paneling and mirrored walls, high booths and glassware from Grandma's estate sale make the place feel hip in a homey way. In warmer times, grab a seat outside, either on the front patio (good for people watching along 17th Ave) or on the side patio (cool lawn furniture and strings of lights overhead). I haven't found a bad seat yet.

Steuben's boasts an impressive drink menu, chock full of good Flying Dog beers, old-fashioned fun drinks like Mint Juleps, Gin Rickey's, and (for the non-drinkers) Egg Creams and Yoo-Hoo. Oh, and don't forget the delicious sweet tea- a downright delicacy here in the frozen tundra of Denver.

Everything about the food at Steuben's is fun. Just looking at the menu makes me smile. If you want a comfy appetizer, go for the delectable deviled eggs. If you're feeling more adventurous, try the habanero honey fried corn- 4 little cobs of corn rolled in honey butter and coated with a spicy dusting. Yums! I know many others who swear by the gravy fries.

I've only personally tried two of the entrees on the menu, as I'm usually drawn to the wonderful sandwiches and sides. The Memphis BBQ Ribs were amazing though! Fall-off-the-bone meat, sweet and spicy sauce... mmm. Definitely a good meal. In my opinion, the macaroni and cheese entree is not the best deal. It didn't seem that much bigger than a side of mac and cheese, but it costs $5 more. The side is definitely worth it though, as it is one fantastic plate of mac and cheese. Rich and creamy, but not in an overwhelming way. Some other entree offerings include Cioppino, Fried Chicken and a Vegetarian Chile Relleno. Specials are also offered nightly, featuring items such as Prime Rib and Carne Adobado.

Now for my favorite part of Steuben's. The sandwiches! I've eaten about half of the items on this section of the menu, and I loved them all. The Cubano was not quite what I used to get growing up in Florida, but still tasty- and the chimichurri is so good it's made it's way onto Vesta's menu. The Cheese Steak is out of this world! Greasy and sopping with cheese-wizzy goodness- just the way it should be. I look forward to trying the Maine Lobster Roll at some point, but I'm having trouble shelling out $16 for a sandwich.

The sandwiches don't come with sides, but the prices are very reasonable, and it's nice to have some choices. The side of Steuben's Fries are a must- tons of thin-cut fries served in a tin can. You can also choose baked beans, pickles, creamed spinach, and many other items.

Lastly, Steuben's offers a great brunch on the weekends from 10-3. The Egg in a Hole is a nice piece of toast with an egg in the middle, covered in one of the most delicious sauces I have ever had. I literally wanted to lick my plate. My dining companion ordered the Cast Iron Vanilla French Toast, which is actually battered in vanilla ice cream. How can you go wrong with that? It's also got a nice sticky caramel sauce on the top.

I have only had one less-than-stellar experience at Steuben's (one night all of our food seemed to have been marinated in garlic), but I have let that go the way of the dinosaur. Every other experience there (and there have been many, at all hours of the day and night) has been wonderful. The service is great, the prices are shockingly low for such quality, and the food is just what I would expect from the Vesta team.

Free parking is available on the east side of the building, as well as along the side streets in the surrounding area. Metered parking is available right out front along 17th Ave.


hubs said...

i like stuebens too but i don't think their brunch is very good. and unfortunately the lobster rol, which is the best thing on the menu is now $18.

Adrienne said...

Best mac and chesse: Jonesy's.