Friday, August 17, 2007

The Corner Office

Although I don't usually like to even hear the word office on the weekends, I decided to go to The Corner Office for brunch one recent Sunday morning. Ok, so it wasn't exactly morning, it was more like 2pm. But brunch goes til 5 pm here, so it's completely acceptable to lay around in your PJ's all day and stroll in for breakfast food well into the afternoon.

I actually wouldn't have even thought to try this place for food, as I was under the impression from driving past it that it was mostly just a bar. I was also a bit put-off by the location directly under the new downtown student housing for the Auraria campus, at 14th & Curtis. It is actually a part of the cool-looking new Curtis Hotel, which takes up the first several floors of the old Executive Tower building, so my cafeteria-food, college-bar fears were abated.

I have been on a mission for years to find chicken and waffles, if for no other reason than the sheer novelty of the dish. When I heard that the Corner Office had this item on their menu, I knew I had to be there. Now.

I did indeed get the chicken and waffles, with a side of toast and Nutella (yums!). The toast turned out to be wholly unnecessary. After a bit of a wait (no biggie, as I had nowhere to be on a lazy Sunday afternoon), a massive pile of 4 huge chunks of fried chicken (1 wing, 2 legs and a thigh I believe) on top of a big ol' Belgian waffle was plopped down in front of me. It was all covered in a melty delicious goo of grease and powdered sugar. The fried chicken was wonderful and cooked perfectly. The waffle stayed crisp and sweet under all that deliciousness. It was quite a wonderful, if not coma-inducing, experience. I imagine this is the best hangover food out there.

The rest of the menu looked very promising- lobster mac n cheese, Asian noodle bowls, etc. It's all on the website, and honestly, my eyes were focused on the chix n waffles from the beginning. I know I'll be back though. The prices are also quite reasonable... our total bill for 2 orders of the aforementioned entree, side of Nutella-y toast, side of potatoes and 2 sodas was around $32. Average entree price seemed to be about $9.

I love the decor, too. Very 70's retro, but done in a very tasteful way with a modern touch. We sat in a grandmas-couch colored booth next to some wood paneling under a beautiful multi-colored tile wall. Another wall was covered in clocks all set to 5 pm. Cozy and hip at the same time. Service was friendly and fast too. Highly recommended!

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